2005 Spooky Awards



January 1, 2005: First day of eligibility. If your story is posted to ATXC on this day on or after midnight US east coast time, it will be eligible for the 2005 awards. It will not be eligible for the 2004 awards.

December 31, 2005: Last day of eligibility. Stories posted to ATXC after 11:59 pm US east coast time will be eligible for the 2006 Spooky Awards. You may continue to send in stories/links to stories that were posted during the eligiblity dates.

January 15, 2006: Last day for submissions to the 2005 Spookys, must be received by midnight US east coast time, no exceptions. If you have any changes or revisions, you must submit them by that deadline so check your stories early, don't wait till the last minute!


We haven't finalized the voting schedule yet, we'll post it here and announce it on the newsgroup as soon as we do. (Don't worry, it'll be similar to last year.)